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Contesting A Will

Laguna Hills Probate

You have lost someone important in your life and the will has led to confusion instead of resolution. Perhaps the provisions seem inaccurate, there were suspicious last-minute changes, or your rights are violated. Your best course of action may be to contest the will.

This raises questions: Where do I start? What are my rights? Are there time-limits? What are the steps I need to take?

You need answers and understanding the particulars of the law is necessary. This often leads people to get second, third, and even fourth legal opinions to decipher their best course of action.

This is both time-consuming and expensive. Each firm, and each attorney, will have a different way they practice law, leading to conflicting opinions, opposing strategies, and a growing bill of consultation fees.

As The Legacy Lawyers, we offer the varying points of view from several experienced attorneys without the confusion or added costs.

How We Do It

Our process starts with a consultation. Your first phone call will be with one of our intake specialists -  an individual responsible for getting to know you, the particulars of your case, and your concerns. After an initial discussion, your intake specialist will gather public records to compile the most recent and comprehensive information relevant to your case.

Using this information, we will open a file our attorneys will use to familiarize themselves with the facts, thus eliminating the need for you to repeat yourself over and over again, risking the loss of important details each time you tell your story.

After your consultation, the legal work begins.
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The Five Attorneys Team

We understand the benefits of using experience, expertise, and multiple points of view to brainstorm and problem-solve.

Once you choose The Legacy Lawyers, we discuss your file with a team of five seasoned attorneys. Each lawyer reviews the information provided and formulates a unique legal opinion, helping us identify all of the nuances and implications of your case.

Then we discuss the most opportune way to use this information to meet your goals, creating an overarching litigation strategy. One of these attorneys will be assigned to lead your case.

Standing By You

We have served over 1000 individuals in high-conflict probate, will, trust, elder abuse, and conservatorship cases since 1998. We stand behind that success.

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