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Being the beneficiary of a trust entitles you to several essential rights that preserve and establish your family’s legacy for generations to come. However, during the trust administration process, you may feel the trustee is not representing your best interest according to the document’s terms or outright breaching its conditions. You, your children, and your grandchildren do not deserve illegal mistreatment that trustees cause for their selfish gain, bringing detriment to your family’s assets.

We help our Irvine residents protect their generational legacies by fighting for their beneficiary rights in probate court, refusing trustees the option to abuse them. Working with our probate litigation lawyers, we ensure that the trustee is treating you as fairly as other trust beneficiaries.

According to the California Probate Code16060, you are entitled to be reasonably informed of the trust administration’s status by the trustee. In addition to that, beneficiaries can challenge a trust or enforce their legal rights by filing a probate court petition. When you choose to work with our experienced litigation lawyers, we unite as a force of talented attorneys that stop inheritance theft guaranteed with whatever court means necessary.

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What Rights Does a Trust Beneficiary Have?

The beneficiary rights in Orange County are the same in other California cities, including Irvine, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Santa Clara, and Los Angeles.

  1. The right to receive notice of the trust’s existence: A trust becomes irrevocable when the settler dies. The successor trustee has 60 days after becoming the trustee or 60 days after the trust died to notify beneficiaries and heirs in writing of the trust’s existence.
  2. The right to receive a copy of the trust: In the notice sent to beneficiaries, the California probate code mandates the trustee to notify the trust beneficiaries that they can request a personal copy of the trust document. This allows you, as a beneficiary, to study the trust and raise any objections you may have.
  3. The right to receive trust accounting and trust information: You have a right to request trust accounting and receive information regarding the sales, distribution, income generated, and management of trust assets as a beneficiary. You have the right to petition the court to order the trustee to release any information that you want about the trust.
  4. The right to enforce the terms of the trust: If you believe the trustee is not acting according to the trust terms at any point in the administration process, you have a right to call them to order. In addition, if the trustee refuses to work in the best interest of all trust beneficiaries, you have the legal capability to petition court authority.
  5. You can hold the trustee accountable for misconduct: You and other beneficiaries can charge fraudulent trustees to court if they slack in fiduciary duties or breach trust terms. The probate court can ask them to compensate beneficiaries for financial losses that they caused due to negligence or misconduct.
  6. Right to challenge a trust: You can contest or challenge a trust if there’s reasonable cause to believe that the trust does not represent the interest or true wishes of the trust or. If fraudulent means created the trust or the trust lacked the mental capacity to create the document, beneficiaries can contest the trust in probate court.

*Note that not being satisfied with the terms of the trust is not a valid legal reason to challenge a trust. Unlike a revocable trust, all beneficiaries of an irrevocable trust must unanimously consent before the court can change or end the trust.*

Let Our Irvine Litigation Lawyers Earn Your Trust

A successful trust litigation process starts with first establishing a solid attorney-client relationship. We understand that trust is not established through resume-puffing: it is something that happens through regular contact and good experiences. If you have been wrongly treated as a beneficiary, our experienced estate planning and trust beneficiary lawyers desire to earn your friendship.

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