Beneficiaries Have Rights!

Is the executor or trustee treating you poorly? Are they refusing to give you a copy of the will or trust? Are they avoiding your calls? Are they treating you like an outsider? Do you suspect they are wrongfully taking estate assets? You must act fast. Call for a consultation.

To tell us about the facts and circumstance of your case, discover your rights and explore your options, call now.

Don’t wait another minute. California trust laws reward fast and diligence action, and waiting too long will prevent you from taking action against the trust.


Our Intake Specialist will ask questions that get to the root of your matter. They’ll document your story (so you won’t have to repeat it several times), verify your contact information, and pull public records (when appropriate) to complete the intake. Everything is placed in your personal prospect file.

Once the intake is complete, they will schedule your Consultation. Although FREE OF CHARGE, the consultation is valued at $175.00

During the Consultation we will go over your prospect file, and develop it further if necessary, help you identify and set goals, and explore options. And it gets better.


Your prospect file is reviewed by a team of 5 probate court trial attorneys. Although it’s also FREE OF CHARGE, the service is valued at over $1,000.00

Those attorneys will consider applicable laws, local court trends and procedures, and collaborate to form the best strategy to achieve your goals.

Afterwards you’ll meet the Lead Attorney on your case. You’ll confirm facts, verify goals, review your custom strategy, and discuss the next step.


If after meeting the Lead Attorney you’re not 100% sure you hired the right law firm, we will refund your deposit, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

“We’ve served over 1,000 people involved in California probate, will, trust, elder abuse and conservatorship matters since 1998.” We look forward to serving you too. Call now.