Are You a Trustee of a Family Trust?

If so, it’s because someone knew you could handle the duties and responsibility of settling their estate. It’s both an honor and a chore.

Did you know that people go to school to become professional trustees? They do that because the job is difficult.

You might be surprised by their decision to hire a trust attorney upon accepting a new case. They do it for all the same reasons you should. Watch the video and keep reading…

You were selected as trustee because of your good decision-making ability.

You’re not expected to spend hundreds of hours learning trust administration duties and responsibilities on your own.

Professional trustees hire attorneys to represent them, and so should you.

Your attorney will guide you through the process, protect you from personal liability, and calm aggressive beneficiaries.

  • Spend time healing with family, not researching laws and fighting bankers
  • Have answers to everyone’s questions during this difficult time
  • You’ve been entrusted with an important job: feel secure knowing you’re making the right decisions