We Solve Intricate Will Contests in Orange County

Whether you are a new executor, wronged beneficiary, or unnamed heir, The Legacy Lawyers’ experienced litigation attorneys can help with your will contest case in Torrance.

Being responsible to carry out a deceased loved one’s will during their loss is a heavy burden you do not have to carry alone, especially when a team of experts are ready to assist. When named and unnamed heirs do not receive assets promised them by the will testator, which often have sentimental value, they drive us to fight on your behalf.

No matter what interested party you identify within a LA County will contest, our law firm is here to represent you as a force of combined natural talent, strengths, and experience. Our initial consultation will make all the difference in meeting your legal goals and bringing stability to any chaotic will contest situation.

Why Should I Contest a Will in LA County?

Although issues will be prevented from occurring later when a contest attorney works alongside a testator, no will is completely safe from error when a fraudulent party has control behind the scenes. They can exert undue influence over the testator, which comes in many forms such as duress, physical violence, manipulation, and coercion. Criminals cheat rightful beneficiaries and heirs out of precious possessions owned by the previous owner that were set aside just for them.

Other reasons for contesting a will in Torrance, California deal with challenging the testator themselves and their ability to accurately construct the legal form. They could have made a mistake by promising items to certain heirs that contradicts their verbal wishes or written asset distribution on other documents. If they are older, concerns may arise when distrusting their mental capacity to fill out a will or ability to remember key inheritors and beneficiaries for an estate plan.

No Worries for the No-Contest Clause

Wronged parties may experience doubt in proceeding with their case when faced with a no-contest clause, despite receiving injustices from fraudulent parties. They do not believe in their own legal abilities to represent themselves in probate court and are afraid to lose all chances for personal and estate asset inheritance. As a result, they refuse their standing to contest.

You have nothing to worry about when our probate attorneys step into your will contest case in Torrance and put a halt on criminal activity. An entire team of assembled attorneys will review your estate litigation file and stop inheritance theft guaranteed.

Give Us an Opportunity to Earn Your Trust

We understand that every will contest in Los Angeles counties such as Orange County and San Diego is never easy to solve. These are never painless and are often personal since close family members and friends are involved while dealing with the personal assets and property of someone they all hold dear.

Although we have served over 1000 clients in will contests since 1998, no amount of resúme-puffing triumphs regular contact and good experiences. Set your free consultation today so we can earn your trust in probate litigation and assist you in contesting a will in California.