The Los Angeles County housing market has skyrocketed since last May, with the median price of a metropolitan home jumping in price by 35.5%, which you and other natives have taken advantage of to purchase your luxurious new house. If property values continue to rise as they are projected to, you will be destined to produce massive returns on your investment in the next ten to twenty years. However, even the smallest breach of confidence from your close trustee can reveal a trodden path of manipulation and lies that will destroy your financial future.

The Legacy Lawyers have been serving the ambitious natives of Los Angeles County for over two decades and seen thousands of fraud and theft instances from crooked trustees. Our professional team has met with clients just like yourself who have sought help when they felt like hope was far out of sight. We work with clients to prevent false trustees from undermining their dreams and financial endeavors, stopping tragedies like yours before they grow larger than your housing investments.

How to Spot a Treacherous Trustee

As the common saying goes, “trust is earned, not given”, yet it can be lost in a horrific instant when your close business partner decides to capsize your financial Titanic into the ocean. In order to prevent these circumstances from occurring, you and other trustors need to watch closely for any signs of treacherous motivation, ensuring they have no intentions of stealing profit from your trust.

A selfish trustee is a self-seeking individual that will manage your estate for their benefit rather than your own, which is a key indicator of their ill-position in your trust. When they choose to hide crucial information to the development of your trust such as the document itself and asset management philosophy, they are proving themselves to be deceitful and dishonest partners.

Those who carry these characteristics are never too far from breaking the law and habits of transgressing terms laid out clearly in your trust document demonstrate their evil intentions. Estate management codes, as dictated by the United States and state of California, are used to protect your financial interests while shady trustees (“renegade trustees”) will disregard your dreams and future happiness.

Choose a Firm That’s on Your Team

Trustee removal is often taken care of by useless attorneys and lawyers of the same character as those who had downtrodden your legal trust in the first place. Both take advantage of your vulnerabilities in order to maximize earnings on their end, seeing your estate management as dollar signs. However, our expert law professionals at The Legacy Lawyers take pride in protecting your financial assets and seeing the value of your trust in what we can return to you rather than what we can take.

We are passionate about earning your trust where others have broken it. First, initial consultations are conducted by our lawyers to assess your situation in-depth so we know the best way to proceed into the court room. Key evidence is the next step of the process, which is gathered with your permission and on your behalf to speak the language judges want to hear. Finally, we are a listening ear to all your legal questions regarding the case and are ready to help until the matter has been resolved.

The Legacy Lawyers are around-the-clock attorneys and lawyers that have not stopped serving the residents of Los Angeles County since 1998 with our experience leading the way. Hundreds of client dreams and aspirations have been restored by our firm due to the intuition on the part of our team with your legal trust, smelling renegade trustees from a mile away. To schedule a first consultation with us, call us at 800.840.1998 or fill out the contact form on our website.