Have you or a loved one been betrayed by family or friends in estate management? Does manipulation, selfishness, and dishonesty exist in your relationship with a trustee by their actions? Has their misbehavior not only broken your trust but also destroyed your financial trust? If you identify “yes” with any of these questions, you may have legal grounds and are eligible to remove your trustee.

We at The Legacy Lawyers have been serving clients just like you in Irvine and Orange County since 1998 and have seen devastation occur in the trusts of our residents. Our mission is to understand who you are and what your family has gone through, as well as perform excellence in trustee removal and achieve any legal goals you have. We only ask that you allow us to earn your trust.

Ways a Trustee Loses Trust

Although many trustees are relatives or close friends of you and other beneficiaries, there are several ways they lose your confidence and destroy the financial relationship.

First and foremost, they violate any California or federal laws in handling your trust in the role of fiduciary, as well as break any terms laid out on the trust document. Shady characters who decide it is fine to defy American statutes designed to protect your family and assets have no business keeping your trust. They are what we call “renegade trustees”, people who should be quickly removed from your estate management.

Trustees are selected by you and other beneficiaries for outstanding service in running your property, so your party will benefit. However, those who deserve to lose your trust are those who cannot work together to achieve that goal, bickering and fighting amongst each other for selfish gain. As their conflict increases, so do the financial losses acquired by their negligence of trust responsibilities, causing your party harm. Trustees that do not care about your financial benefit must be removed.

Breaking California/federal laws and managing your trust for their gain are only symptoms of major character flaws that make them untreatable, no matter how much they flatter you. Trustees who purposefully withhold key information about the trust such as documents for the trust itself and asset management demonstrate deceit and dishonesty. These same people often manipulate beneficiaries, even family members, to get what they want, which are tell-tale signs of narcissism.

How We Wish to Gain Your Trust

After suffering the trauma of severe distrust at the hands of someone close is a devastating experience that goes beyond words. Our team at The Legacy Lawyers understands that pain, having walked through it with countless clients in the past, and wish for the opportunity to be your trustee removal attorneys. There are several ways we work directly with our clients to gain their trust and fight back against renegade trustees:

  1. Assess your situation through an in-depth consultation
    No case of destruction in the trustee-beneficiary relationship is ever simple: they are complex webs of manipulation and deceit. This is not to mention the numerous trust laws in California and The United States that dictate how every nuance and detail of your situation is addressed. Our job is to ease the financial and legal burdens of confronting your trustee. We understand how difficult it is to tackle estate theft, estate mismanagement, and other issues by yourself, and that is why we are here to help. Whether through our number at 800.840.1998 or the contact form on our website, schedule a consultation with trusted lawyers from Legacy so we can do the hard work for you.
  2. Gather key evidence to use against your trustee
    The California Probate Code Section 15642 is firm on specific grounds for bringing your trustee to court for misconduct. It can be a daunting task to assemble this information of your own, especially amid excruciating heartbreak and repeated breaches of trust. We have seen estate mismanagement situations like yours time and time again in our legal careers and know exactly how to help. Local Irvine lawyers at Legacy have professional experience in acquiring necessary evidence that speaks the language of the court system. From financial spreadsheets and depositions to bank statements and fraud checks, we have the means and the know-how to gather these legal files on your behalf.
  3. Walk with you through the legal process
    Have you ever had to sue someone else without an attorney? Or have you been filled with anxiety because the attorney you hired was suspected of incompetency? Our job is to make you feel secure in your choice of attorney and the entire court process. When you decide to consult with The Legacy Lawyers, our wonderful team is committed to walking with you during your financial and legal traumas until their completion. Any questions are more than welcome in our office, and we will always make ourselves available to answer them. Our mindset is that you matter most. For those in Irvine and Orange County, our law firm is the best option for finding a lawyer who actively works to gain your trust. We understand your situation, having walked with hundreds of local clients in your case, and know how to help you. The first step to finding financial and legal freedom from a renegade trustee is to set up a consultation with our office. Give us a call at 800.840.1998 or fill out the contact form on our website.