Protecting Trust Beneficiary Rights in Los Angeles, CA

Our team of experienced trust litigation lawyers has been protecting beneficiary rights in Los Angeles since 1998. We understand you may be dealing with a fraudulent trustee who does not act in your best interest, causing detriment to you and other beneficiaries. Personal and estate assets with sentimental value to you and your family are not worth risking with a shady trustee in charge.

We combine as a force of talented attorneys to stop inheritance theft in your situation and protect your loved one’s legacy. Once you learn about your rights as a beneficiary, you can consult with us about your trust, and we will take the time to listen to your story. Then, we will execute an action plan that will fight on your family’s behalf in court.

Beneficiary Rights in Los Angeles

The complexity of trust administration processes and legal matters can deceive you into believing you are at the mercy of trustees. However, beneficiaries of revocable and irrevocable trusts have rights they can exercise under California probate law with the help of a Los Angeles trust lawyer.

It is common for trustees to breach their fiduciary duties, but you do not have to compromise your family’s generational legacy. As experienced estate planning and probate lawyers, we can help you petition the court to compel the trustee toward moral trust administration or replace them, if you so wish.

What Are Rights as a Trust Beneficiary in Los Angeles?

Here is an overview of beneficiary rights, as provided in the California Probate code:

The right to an accounting of all the trust

Regardless of how long it takes you to start receiving trust income, you are eligible for comprehensive trust accounting as a beneficiary of a trust in Los Angeles. It will show details of disbursement made to date, payments, and income earned by the estate, so you are aware of the estate earnings you deserve.

As with every other right you have, you can petition the probate court to compel the trustee to provide this information if it proves difficult to deal with.

Right to be notified about the trust

When someone creates a trust or the contract becomes active, the trustee must notify all beneficiaries listed in the trust. The notice will specify that they have until 60 days after the announcement to contest the trust or take any legal action about the document’s content.

Right to information about the trust

Although your right to the trust’s information is limited in a revocable trust, you can obtain it easily in an irrevocable trust, since the grantor may change beneficiaries.

The right to challenge/contest the trust

If beneficiaries have reasons to believe that part or all of the trust is invalid, they have a right to contest the trust in court. This happens when the trust was fraudulently obtained or does not represent the true wishes of the grantor, giving the parties the chance to challenge it.

The right to sue for breach of fiduciary duties

You can sue the trustee if they breach their fiduciary duty but will have to undergo the complicated trust litigation process to secure your beneficiary rights. By working with our trust litigation lawyers, you can be sure of getting the best probate representation and protecting your family’s legacy.

The California Probate Code allows beneficiaries to request the removal and replacement of a trustee, but this usually follows after a unanimous decision by all beneficiaries.

You have the right to seek legal representation

In Los Angeles and throughout California, probate protects beneficiary rights: you can seek legal advice to ensure that the trustee represents all beneficiaries’ interests.

Why You Should Retain Legal Counsel With the Legacy Lawyers

At Legacy Lawyers, we have a successful trust ligation process that fights for your family’s legacy because it is worth protecting. It is imperative that you know about your beneficiary rights and consult with our team so we can effectively stop fraudulent trustees.

We are deeply rooted in empathy, and our first approach to stopping inheritance theft is developing a relationship with you and your family. Our Los Angeles probate lawyers are always ready to listen to your complaints and proffer the right solutions to your trust beneficiary concerns.

We have provided this information for general information purposes only, so we encourage you to contact our law office by calling (800)-840-1998 for more specific legal advice. Our Los Angeles lawyers would be honored to answer any questions you have about your beneficiary rights.