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Empathetic Trust Litigation Attorneys in Los Angeles

Our experienced lawyers empathize with the trauma you experience regarding a trust and have walked with hundreds of clients just like you in Los Angeles. We take time to hear your unique situation and legal goals so we can represent your best interests in court.

Are you an individual trustee, corporate fiduciary, or beneficiary currently involved in a dispute over an estate, trust, or probate administration in Los Angeles, CA? You need an experienced estate planning and probate attorney to represent your interests.

When it comes to legal disputes, experience matters. Working with us as your probate lawyers in Los Angeles allows you to leverage our in-depth understanding of California Probate law and experience handling many hundreds of cases like yours.

What Do Trust Litigations in Los Angeles Entail?

Sometimes, trust litigations result from ambiguous terms in a trust, leading beneficiaries to ask more questions than the trustee may be able to answer. This may degenerate into several back-and-forths with the beneficiaries, which an experienced trust administration lawyer can help solve.

Once a trustor appoints a trustee and hands the trust property to the trustee, the trustee will immediately assume estate administration. However, because of the multifaceted nature of probate estate plan duties, trust litigations may arise. For instance, beneficiaries may accuse the trustee of breaching their fiduciary duties, such as partial disbursement or mismanagement of the trust assets. 

If, as a trustee, you have been accused of breaches of fiduciary duties, such as mismanagement of probate account or inadequate probate accounting, you could be facing some severe legal sanctions. In the eyes of the law, trustees carry out a solemn civil duty, the violation of which attracts severe sanctions.

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Los Angeles Probate Lawyer

Hiring probate lawyers in Los Angeles and many areas in California could be tiring. You may not even know what to look out for, and you may be unsure of the outcome, even if you find a reputable law office, which results after several weeks of searching. Generally, here are some pointers that can help you land the best estate planning lawyers in Los Angeles:

Our Trust Litigation Attorneys Help You Every Step of the Way

Trust litigation in Los Angeles County, and California in general, is often a long, complex, and emotional process. You do not want to go the stretch alone, especially if you are dealing with multiple beneficiaries. The best way to ensure your best interests are well-represented is by working with our experienced trust litigation attorneys that will partner with you through the entire trust litigation process.

We have simplified the process where we hold you by the hand and walk you through every stage of the litigation. Our team begins with a free initial consultation with you to learn about your specific trust contest situation. After this, we assign a team of experienced trust/probate litigation lawyers from our firm to handle your case.

We understand how exhausting trust administration can be, including the emotional and mental toll that probate litigation can have on anyone. This is why we take the time to understand the situation before giving you personalized legal advice that represents your best interest in court.

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If you have been served a trust litigation notice, your best chance of succeeding is sitting down with our team of experienced Los Angeles estate planning attorneys. Having handled many cases involving trust disputes, will contests, and undue influence, we understand the nuances of estate administration laws.

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