Sister Act

Who signed Dad’s name?

Phillip Lemmons
Phillip C. Lemmons
Principal Attorney

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Sister Act

Sister #1 is the trustee of Dad’s trust. The trust divided Dad’s assets equally between the sisters, and permitted Sister #2 to live in Dad’s house for the remainder of her life. Sister #2 and Dad were very close. Sister #2, her spouse and her child lived with Dad. Before Dad passed he was on heavy medication. As a result he kept busy making partial and unusual repairs around the house.

Upon his death, Sister #1 evicted Sister #2, blaming her for Dad’s poor handy work. Sister #2, never responded. Sister #1 obtained an eviction by default, took possession of the house, and paid her husband to make repairs. Sister #1 paid herself and husband hundreds of thousands of dollars over a two year period for allegedly repairing the house. After selling the house, she told Sister #2 that there was no money left in the trust.

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