Stealing Home: A Con’s Guide to Inheritance Theft

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Stealing Home - Featured Image - Ebook - Image

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  • How to Recognize Inheritance Theft Cons Hiding in Plain Sight
  • The 6 Steps to Stealing an Inheritance
  • Powerful Strategies Used by Cons to Control Beneficiaries
  • Attention Grabbing Accounts of Real Inheritance Theft Cases
  • The Types of Documents Cons Love

Don’t wait for tragedy to strike you – get inside the mind of the cons and arm yourself with knowledge about inheritance theft. Southern California Trust and Estate Litigator Phillip Lemmons has laid out what you need to know about inheritance theft in his new book, “Stealing Home: A Con’s Guide to Inheritance Theft.” Phillip has handled hundreds of contested trust and estate matters since 1998 and is regarded as a no-nonsense advocate.

The information in this book is so important that Phillip wants you to have a copy – for FREE!

“Stealing Home: A Con’s Guide to Inheritance Theft”

When parents become unable to protect their assets due to infirmity or death, your inheritance is vulnerable to attack. Usernames, passwords, certificates of title, deeds, identification cards, and physical possession are all that stand between your inheritance and cons.

Parents plan for incapacity and death by going to an attorney for a will, trust, and power of attorney. While those instruments are useful for managing and transferring assets, they are useless in protecting them against theft. Instead, they create greater vulnerability because they must be carried out by someone else and are easily amended, revoked, and obtained by cons through manipulation and forgery.

Cons hide in plain sight while planning strategies to steal your inheritance. They blend well because cons never look like cons. They look like your friends, relatives, and neighbors. They resemble your trusted accountant, investment advisor, and minister. They are also perfect strangers. Once they decide to steal an inheritance, the cons are relentless. They don’t stop until everything is taken.

This book brings awareness to inheritance theft. It also reveals six steps to wiping out an entire estate. Becoming familiar with those steps will help you identify cons, detect suspicious behavior, and take preventative action before it’s too late.