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Elder Abuse Attorney: Incapacitated or Dependent Seniors Won’t Tell You They Are Being Abused

Any senior can become a victim of elder abuse. Factors such as socioeconomic status, gender, race, ethnicity, educational background and geographic location do not effect its occurrence. Victims often live in silent desperation, unwilling to seek assistance because they believe their reports will go unanswered, leading to a loss of independence and retaliation from their abusers. There are four general types of elder abuse: physical, neglect, emotional and financial. If you suspect elder abuse cases, contact an elder abuse attorney as soon as possible!

Physical Abuse

This includes physical assault, sexual assault, unreasonable physical constraint, prolonged deprivation of food or water, and inappropriate use of a physical or chemical restraint or psychotropic medication.

What Does Neglect Include?

This includes such things as failure to assist in personal hygiene, provide clothing and shelter, provide medical care, protect from health and safety hazards, prevent malnutrition or dehydration, and self-neglect.

What Does Emotional Abuse Include?

This includes:

  • Verbal assaults
  • Threats or intimidation
  • Subjecting an individual to fear
  • Isolation or serious emotional distress
  • Withholding of emotional support
  • Confinement

Conservatorship Characteristics

Conservatees typically share some of the following characteristics: they can no longer effectively perform daily tasks such as shopping for food, making meals, bathing, dressing themselves, cleaning the house, driving a vehicle, protecting and defending themselves, keeping accurate records, accounting for their money or pay bills. They are often lonely and isolated as well as withdrawn. Because of this, they are susceptible to fraud and inheritance theft scams.

Theft or embezzlement of money or any other property from an elder. It can be as simple as taking money from a wallet. Or it can be as complex as manipulating a victim into turning over property to an abuser. This form of abuse can be devastating because a senior’s life savings can disappear in the blink of an eye. It can subsequently leave them unable to provide for their needs.

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