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California Power of Attorney

We Can Help You Get Your California Power of Attorney in Place

Life is uncertain. Accidents can happen and serious medical issues can arise at any time. Either can rob you of your ability to carry on your personal, financial matters, or medical affairs. Your loved ones may not know how you feel about medical treatment or end-of-life issues. They may experience conflict as they face having to manage your affairs and make decisions during difficult circumstances. Without clear and direct instructions, your desires may not be honored. At worst, a judge could be forced to decide your fate when your family members end up in court battling over what each considers to be in your best interest. The only way to ensure that your desires will be respected is with the use of a California power of attorney. This and other legal documents are designed to ensure that those granted decision-making power know your wishes.

At the Legacy Lawyers, we craft powers of attorney and other documents necessary to ensure that your needs are met. This is especially important whenever circumstances arise that would make it difficult or impossible for you to make decisions and take actions on your own behalf.

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What Is a California Power of Attorney?

A California power of attorney is a legal document that grants someone the capacity to act on your behalf. You can use a power of attorney to designate an agent to carry out any legal act that you could take yourself. For instance, you could use a power of attorney to allow a business partner to close a real estate sale when you are out of the country. Or you could use it to give a friend the ability to sell your car. You could also use a power to attorney to grant someone the authority to make medical decisions if you are incapacitated or unable to communicate those decisions yourself.

A California power of attorney can designate one person to handle all decisions. If you prefer, you can divvy up responsibilities among a group of people, each with a power of attorney addressing a specific set of actions or rights.

We Will Help You Draft a California Power of Attorney That Suits Your Needs

We can draft a California power of attorney with either limited or with broad powers to act on your behalf. You can designate an agent to carry out a specific transaction. For instance, you can empower your agent to sign documents to close the sale of a piece of your property. On the other end of the spectrum, you can appoint someone to make all decisions and enter into any type of transaction concerning your well being, medical situation, business interests and personal affairs.

An attorney will work closely with you to determine whether:

  • A power of attorney that expires when you become incapacitated better serves your interests, or
  • The power of attorney will survive when you are unable to make decisions on your own.

We will also ensure that a power of attorney designed will not interfere with your ability to manage your business and personal affairs. That is unless a physician or other qualified medical professional declares you incompetent. We will draft your California power of attorney with the flexibility necessary to allow you revoke or amend the power of attorney when you regain your mental capacity.

What Are Advance Health Care Directives?

Under California state law, you have the right to direct your medical care. This is true even if you are unable to let your wishes be known at the time medical services are indicated. This may sound paradoxical, but in fact, you can make your wishes known before the need arises. In addition to a California power of attorney, we can help you with other documents that will facilitate the decision-making process. They will allow you peace of mind. You will know that your wishes are being honored even if you are not able to effectively communicate them. These documents can provide much needed guidance to your physicians and loved ones on the medical treatments and life sustaining measures acceptable to you. These can include:

Durable Power of Attorney:

This grants an agent the power to take action or make decisions on your behalf. This is even if you are incapacitated or cannot communicate.

Living Will:

This sets forth the specific treatments you would want or not want employed in the event of serious illness or accident that leaves you unable to make your wishes known in the moment. It can address not only measures like the use of a feeding tube or respirator, but the use of:

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR),
  • Surgery,
  • Blood transfusions,
  • Dialysis,

Medications (including pain medications and antibiotics) and palliative care.

Mental Health Care Directive:

This makes known your wishes in the event you suffer a psychiatric illness that interferes with your ability to make your own decisions. Other advance health care directives are usually activated at or near end of life. However, you can use the mental health care directive at any stage of life.

Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR):

This instructs medical personnel that you do not want cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Although you can sign a DNR before you enter a hospital, a physician must also sign it. If you do not already have a DNR, the hospital will offer you the option to sign one. Without a DNR, medical personnel must take all reasonable steps necessary to resuscitate you and maintain life.

At The Legacy Lawyers, you will have at your disposal a team of expert and dedicated professionals. They will ensure that your California power of attorney will accomplish your wishes. In addition, they will make sure such documents will take care of your healthcare needs your legacy plan. For more information about California power of attorney, contact The Legacy Lawyers at (800) 840 1998.

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