If you have a loved one who is ill, developmentally disabled, or otherwise unable to care for themselves, a conservatorship can provide you the legal authority to assist that individual.

A conservatorship is a court proceeding meant to provide protective oversight for a person deemed unable to care for themselves, their affairs, or their estate.

The conservator is the person who manages the financial and personal needs of the individual.

There are different types of conservatorships available in California:

  1. Regular Conservatorships. This is the most common type of conservatorship. It allows the conservator to assist an aging adult that is suffering diminished mental capacities and typically provides the conservator of the person with full decision-making authority.
  2. Limited Conservatorships. A limited conservatorship is designed to assist a developmentally disable adult, which is typically an individual with autism or an IQ of 70 or less. A limited conservatorship provides the conservator with limited authority to assist the disabled adult with only the necessary decisions since most developmentally disabled adults are capable of making some decisions.
  3. LPS Conservatorships. An LPS conservatorship is designed to help individuals with serious mental illnesses that require special care and treatment. It is commonly used for people who reside in a facility or receive powerful medication that helps control their behavior.

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