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Contesting A Will

Laguna Hills Probate

You’ve been named in a will but something seems wrong. Maybe there are conflicting documents, provisions that seem inaccurate, or unexplained, last-minute changes. In situations like these, getting the answers you need may require contesting the will.

What are your rights? What step do you take first? Are there deadlines you need to meet? Where do you go from here?

These are all good questions, but answers can be difficult to find on your own. The probate process is complicated, and the laws can be confusing.

As you seek information, consulting with an attorney is the best way to thoroughly understand your options. You may even consider second, third, or even fourth opinions. The result? Conflicting opinions, opposing strategies, and an accumulation of consultation fees.

With The Legacy Lawyers, you benefit from the experience of several different attorneys without the confusion or the extra costs.

How We Do It

We value a streamlined process and pertinent information-- that's why our process begins with a simple phone call to 866-901-7168

Once you call our offices, you will speak with an intake specialist. They are responsible for getting to know you, your case, and your concerns. They will also assemble all relevant public records that will help us assess your case.

After this initial discussion, your information is compiled into a file our attorneys use to familiarize themselves with the details. This eliminates the need for you to repeat yourself as well as minimizing the risk of losing important details with each recitation.

After your consultation, the work begins.

The Five Attorneys Team

Instead of finding alternative opinions elsewhere, The Legacy Lawyers offers them to you in-house. How? Each file we receive is discussed and reviewed by a team of five attorneys. These attorneys then render their legal opinions and offer possible solutions.

We use these findings to develop an effective legal strategy and assign one of the five attorneys to act as the lead in spearheading your litigation.

Since 1998

Since 1998, we have helped over 1,000 individuals in complex probate litigation. We stand by this work and take pride in the help and support we provide our clients. Our confidence in our success.

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