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Did someone pass away without a Will?

If a person dies "intestate," also known as dying without a will, it is necessary to open probate. Utilizing the probate process allows for establishing heirs, distributing any property, or paying any debts and taxes.

The first step is to check with the county's probate court, where the deceased lived, to ensure no will is on file.

South Orange County Probate Cases Are Handled Through The Probate Court In Santa Ana.

If a will cannot be found or is found but does not name an executor, the court will appoint an estate administrator. The court usually selects the closest living relative or person who will inherit some portion of the assets.

This person does not need to be a legal or financial expert but will need to act in good faith on behalf of the deceased.

Get assistance with probate administration duties.

As the closest relative or interested party, hiring a legal team to walk you through the process of opening probate without a will is recommended.

At The Legacy Lawyers, we will seek your appointment as administrator (executor) by preparing and filing the opening petition and publishing notices.

Once you are appointed, we will walk you through each step of the administration process. We will also attend court hearings on your behalf and prepare and file all forms and reports. This process includes:

  • Resolving procedural issues.
  • Serving notices to government agencies and interested parties.
  • Assessing creditor claims.
  • Obtaining appraisals.
  • Preparing accounting records.
  • Filing the final report and account at the close of probate.

Why choose The Legacy Lawyers?

It is commonly known that the probate process can be extremely costly and time-consuming. Our strategies at The Legacy Lawyers are designed to cut the average probate process time in half, minimize taxes, and maximize your benefits.

We routinely assist in opening probate in Laguna Hills and solve all types of cases from simple processes to complex and disputed probate issues.

Our firm has a reputation for resolving high conflict matters systematically, organized, and effectively.

From the beginning of the process, our goal is to reduce stress, save time, maximize estate value (and inheritance), and quickly and efficiently complete the probate process.

Call The Legacy Lawyers for a consultation today if you need assistance Opening Probate Without a Will in Laguna Hills.

There are no upfront attorney fees. We will be paid from the probate estate at the close of probate. Your only cost is a filing fee that will be reimbursed to you from the estate once the probate is closed.

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