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Trust and estate litigation is more than just a complicated, and often stress-inducing legal process.

Without the proper guidance of a law firm with vast expertise both in both estate and trust law, trustees, beneficiaries, and their families can find themselves swindled out of their well-deserved earnings from the trust property, leading to a mountain of legal woes and potentially life-altering consequences.

At Legacy Lawyers, a leading trust litigation attorney in California, we strive to eliminate the risks associated with improper trust administration and we proudly represent clients in southern California and beyond.

trust litigation attorney california

What Is Trust Litigation?

When a property is transferred from its original owner and into the hands of a trustee, that person becomes responsible for the proper administration of any financial gainings from the trust property in question, which typically involves working directly with beneficiaries to ensure that their interests are protected.

However, when a breach of fiduciary duty occurs, trust litigation can help dispute any wrongs committed by the parties involved and restore the trust to its originally intended outcome within the Probate Courts.

California Trust Litigation Can Help You…

Remove A Trustee

If you feel that a trustee has been appointed under undue influence, you may be entitled to have that trustee removed by the court, so that you and your family can designate an appropriate administrator.

Resolve Co-Trustee Disputes

For large estates, multiple trustees can be appointed to adequately administer financial matters. If you have a dispute with a co-trustee, litigation can help resolve these issues in a timely fashion.

Petition For Instructions

Often, beneficiaries are kept in the dark about the instructions handed down to the trustee. Under California law, we can help you petition the court for these instructions, so that you can take legal action accordingly.

Civil Litigation Vs. Probate Litigation: Why You Need An Attorney Who Understands Trust Law

Many scenarios may result in a civil lawsuit. But when dealing with Probate Courts, you need an experienced attorney who knows how to navigate the intricacies of trust and estate litigation and is committed to protecting your interests.

Civil Litigation

Civil action, or civil litigation, refers to the filing process that takes place when you accuse another individual of violating civil law in a lawsuit. If you’re not sure what the most appropriate action may be in your case, a seasoned civil attorney can help you draft a lawsuit that best suits your interests based on the details of your case.

Probate Litigation

In contrast, probate litigation encompasses all of the legal proceedings that take place when a lawsuit is brought before the court. These proceedings may include motions, negotiations, and even creating a settlement, and a good probate attorney will be there to guide you every step of the way.

When To Call An Attorney: Common Trust Law Concerns

Trusts, estates, and other sensitive financial matters can come with lots of room for human error, both intentionally and accidentally.

No matter what the case may be, our team of trust and probate litigators can help you navigate some of the most common causes of trust litigation…

For Trustees

Trustees are given an extraordinary amount of responsibility over the trust property, trust administration, and its beneficiaries. If you’re a trustee, you may need to contact an attorney if you experience…

  • An error in your accounting or administrative duties that you aren’t sure how to correct
    • Accusations of misconduct from either fellow trustees or beneficiaries
  • Working with a co-trustee who has become uncooperative or you suspect may be violating the terms of the trust
  • Your beneficiary has requested trust accounting documents including current assets, balances, etc.

For Beneficiaries

Whether your trust was bestowed upon you from a loved one or another entity, California trust law provides extensive protection for beneficiaries and their families. You should consider consulting with an attorney if you’re a beneficiary who has encountered…

  • Suspicions that your trustee was appointed with undue influence and is therefore not impartial enough to complete their duties
    • A trustee who refuses to provide you with trust instructions, accounting documents, and other essential items
  • A trustee who has cut off communication with you, no matter how many attempts you’ve made
    • Potential errors in the accounting or administration process that need to be corrected by the court
  • Concerns of financial elder abuse about the administration of the trust 

How Legacy Lawyers Can Help

Filing a civil action against a trustee, beneficiary, or another party in a trust can seem like a daunting task.

That’s why our team of trust litigation attorneys in Los Angeles, Orange Country, and surrounding areas have a combined 15 years of experience in protecting the interests of our clients and their loved ones, so that you can streamline the resolution process and close your case without any additional stress.

Whether you’re an overwhelmed trustee or a concerned beneficiary, we’re eager to consult with you on your case, with no risk required or commitment required.

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