Probate and trust litigation can cover a wide variety of issues and types of disputes. There is never a “guaranteed victory,” but there are some essential elements that can help ensure a successful outcome.

Having the law on your side

Having a great legal argument starts with showing the court that the law is in your favor. Even if you are presenting a novel issue, it is important to show the court that the existing law still leads to a positive result for you.

Good facts

The facts of your lawsuit, whatever they may be, must be presented in the light most favorable to you. An experienced estate litigation lawyer knows how to highlight the beneficial facts and downplay the rest. Your attorney can also assist the court with interpreting the facts to work in your favor.


The purpose of going to court is to discover the truth and allow justice to prevail. Thus, it is important to persuade the judge or jury of the inherent fairness of your position. If you can convince the court that a judgment in your favor is the fair result, you can overcome bad facts and even unpersuasive legal arguments.


Going to court requires a commitment of resources. While you may recover your attorney’s fees and costs in some cases, having a knowledgeable lawyer dedicated to your case can maximize efficiency and value.

Legal team

Working with a lawyer who has handled many cases similar to your case is imperative. Probate and trust litigation is a specialized type of litigation and many civil trial attorneys are not familiar with the ins and outs of these types of lawsuits. Selecting the right firm to represent you is one of the most important decisions you will make. If you are interested in learning more, contact the The Legacy Lawyers. We provide the advice and counsel you deserve and we are guaranteed to work when you need it most. Call now for a no-cost consultation: (714) 963-7543.