Testators often draft wills that include no-contest clauses (also known as in terrorem clauses) to minimize the risk of a contest by an unhappy heir. Such clauses state that if a beneficiary or heir named in the will disputes the validity of the will, objects to the probate of that will, or challenges distributions directed by the will, that the contestant forfeits all benefits of the will. Under California Law there are ways to contest a will without triggering it’s no-contest clause. It is somewhat complex and should not be attempted by anyone other than an experienced probate litigation attorney. If you are considering objecting to a will or trust with a no-contest clause, let us help. We will carefully walk with you every step of the way. You will never be left wondering what to do next. Start today by calling to schedule your no-cost consultation: (714) 963-7543. At The Legacy Lawyers we are dedicated to your peace of mind.