If you have a loved one in their “golden years,” it is important to stay involved in their life. Many people believe that elder abuse won’t occur to their loved one, but the reality is that senior citizens are vulnerable to being taken advantage of by others. Victims of elder abuse often do not seek assistance. This is because they are embarrassed, they don’t think anyone will believe them or they fear it will result in the loss of independence. In serious cases, the elderly person may fear retaliation from the abuser. There are several types of elder abuse, including:

  • Physical Abuse.  Physical abuse includes physical assault, such as hitting, slapping, kicking, unreasonable physical restraint, prolonged deprivation of food/water, or other tactics that cause physical pain. It also includes sexual assault and the inappropriate use of psychotropic medication.
  • Neglect. Neglect can include a wide-variety of types of abuse. The abuser may fail to assist in the victim in personal hygiene, fail to provide clothing and shelter, fail to provide medical care, fail to protect from health and safety hazards, fail to prevent malnutrition or dehydration, and self-neglect.
  • Emotional Abuse. Emotional abuse includes verbal assaults, threats or intimidation, subjecting an individual to fear, isolation or serious emotional distress, withholding of emotional support, and confinement.
  • Financial Abuse. Many senior citizens are victims of financial abuse, which can leave them unable to provide for their own needs. Financial abuse includes the theft or embezzlement of money or any other property from an elder. It can be as simple as taking money from a wallet and as complex as manipulating a victim into turning over property to an abuser.

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