When you think of elder abuse, you typically picture a senior citizen being physically or emotionally mistreated. However, elder abuse can also occur in the form of healthcare fraud. Healthcare fraud can be committed by physicians, hospital staff, caregivers in nursing homes, and other healthcare workers. According to the United States General Accounting Office and health insurance industry sources, between 3% and 10% of any state’s Medicaid budget is lost due to fraud and abuse. Examples of healthcare fraud in California include:


  • Doctors ordering unnecessary lab tests or prescribing unnecessary medications
  • Physicians permitting untrained, uncertified assistants to provide medical treatment to patients
  • Dentists performing unnecessary teeth extractions
  • Medical supply companies billing for equipment and products that were neither ordered nor delivered
  • Billing twice for the same service
  • Healthcare providers charging for services that are more costly than what was provided
  • Nursing homes allowing their patients to suffer from bedsores, malnutrition and dehydration
  • Nurse assistants physically abusing elderly and dependent adult patients
  • Falsifying Medicaid or Medicare claims

If you suspect your elderly loved one has been the victim of elder abuse, let us help. We can stop the abuse and help you be appointed as guardian or conservator for the individual so you can better protect them in the future. There are lots of good reasons to act quickly if you think a conservatorship or guardianship may be a good idea. Having conservator powers will help you protect the conservatee from physical harm and financial ruin. If you are uncertain about the timing for a conservatorship, feel free to contact us to schedule your no-cost consultation. We are truly here to help. Simply call: (714) 963-7543. At The Legacy Lawyers we are dedicated to your peace of mind.