If you are the beneficiary of a trust, you may be wondering why trustees need their own attorney. The simple answer is that trust administration is a complex job. You should actually be relieved that the trustee has gotten professional help because it means the administration of the trust is more likely to go smoothly and according to law. If you have been appointed to serve as a trustee and you’re wondering whether you need a lawyer, the answer is “yes.” There are many tasks that you are responsible for handling and failure to do so could result in you being held personally liable.Below are a few examples of the type of things lawyers do: 

  • Read and interpret the trust documents
  • Identify and locate the beneficiaries of the trust
  • Create and fund sub-trusts
  • Inventory assets of the trust
  • Make sure that proper notice is served
  • Review trust investments
  • Respond to beneficiary inquiries
  • Meet all of the mandatory tax filing deadlines
  • Pay all necessary debts
  • Fulfill all of the accounting requirements
  • Keep the administration of the trust moving
  • Handle disputes among beneficiaries or other interested parties

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