Many people are under the misconception that trustees cannot be held personally liable for their actions. However, there are many circumstances where a trustee has personal liability. If trustees fail to properly manage or distribute assets of the trust, they can be personally liable for violating the terms of the trust document or for violating the law. If you have been appointed to serve as a trustee, it is essential that you fully understand the terms and conditions of the trust document because it likely provides you with certain powers and some possible limitations. You also have authority established pursuant to federal and state law. We can help you understand your powers and avoid any potential traps that could result in you incurring personal liability.One common example of trust liability, even without any intentional wrongdoing, is a successor trustee’s liability for unpaid debt, such as, taxes. Before trust assets are distributed to the named beneficiaries, the trustee must make certain that all debts are paid, especially tax liabilities. If you have questions regarding your personal liability as a trustee, contact The Legacy Lawyers. If you have been appointed to administer a trust, you are responsible for completing several tasks, and there is little room for error. Don’t despair, however. We have helped hundreds of people in your situation. Just call to schedule your no-cost consultation: (714) 963-7543. We can minimize your stress, reduce exposure to personal liability and guide you through an orderly process.