When you serve as a trustee of a trust, you are acting as a fiduciary. This means that you are held to a high standard and you have numerous duties imposed upon you. Failure to take this role seriously can result in claims against you by beneficiaries or other interested parties. If you are dealing with aggressive beneficiaries, below are a few tips on how to keep them calm:

  • Follow your duties. A trustee must act in the best interests of the beneficiaries and according to the terms of the trust document. For a complete list of the duties imposed upon a trustee, please read our blog titled “A California Trustee’s Responsibilities and Duties“. Having a seasoned attorney assist you with your administration of the trust can help ensure that you properly fulfill all of your duties and obligations.
  • Be transparent. Beneficiaries who are kept in the loop with what is happening during the trust administration typically worry much less. Keep accurate records of everything you do in case questions arise and to support payment of your fees. If you communicate openly with the beneficiaries and you are transparent in your actions, it will keep their imaginations from running wild.
  • Answer questions. If you have beneficiaries with questions, respond to them promptly. Again, having a lawyer assisting you can help ensure that you are providing timely and accurate information when questions arise. By keeping the beneficiaries informed along the way, you can prevent future objections to your actions.

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