If you have been named the executor in the will of a loved one and you are feeling lost, you’re not alone! Most people have never served in this capacity and they don’t know where to begin. A quick call to The Legacy Lawyers can provide you the legal advice, guidance and peace of mind you need. In California, a personal representative has numerous duties and responsibilities. Below is a summary of some of the tasks you may be required perform:

  • Conduct a reading of the Last Will and Testament
  • Carry out decedent’s burial or cremation instructions
  • Take action to protect assets of the estate, including notifying financial institutions, insurance companies and other related entities
  • File all the necessary paperwork to petition the court for probate of the will
  • Collect and take inventory of estate assets
  • Order an appraisal of estate assets
  • Provide the required notifications to beneficiaries, heirs and creditors
  • Resolve or settle any claims on the estate made by creditors
  • Administer the estate according to the terms of the will
  • File personal and estate tax returns
  • File a final accounting and distribute assets accordingly
  • Request a final discharge from the probate court

The most important step you should take after the death of a loved one that leaves a will nominating you as the executor is to contact an experienced California probate attorney. Call The Legacy Lawyers today. To set your appointment right away, please call us at: (714) 963-7543. You will not get the “typical law firm” feel from our office. We are different. Our systems are designed to save you time, to save you money, and to put you in control. We want to be your attorneys for life, and can do so without billing you by the hour for services. That’s right, no hourly fees. Call us today!