If you are considering becoming a conservator for a loved one, it is important to understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into!
Many conservators are family members who do not seek payment for the services they provide to a loved one. However, California law provides that conservators can receive reasonable compensation, payable from the conservatees estate.
You may be paid an hourly fee for the work you perform as a conservator, which means you will need to maintain detailed records of the services you provide. It is important to note that your hourly fee will likely not be the same as the amount you are paid in the job you do to earn a living.
A conservator’s fees are calculated by establishing a reasonable rate to be charged for the nature and extent of the services being provided to the conservatee. A conservator’s fees must be approved by the court. This means that you must petition the court for approval to be paid. Any interested party can challenge unreasonable fee requests. A judge will review the petition and any objections before wholly or partially approving a payment request. Once the court has approved the fee request, the conservator can be paid the approved amount.
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