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MJD-ALL-06: Receptionist Job Description
Position: All
Created: June 8, 2016
Functional Area: Sales
Division: Marketing
Reports to: Marketing Director

Job Summary

As a Receptionist you will be the first point of contact for all office visitors. You will perfect each visitor “touch” point from parking to returning to their car. Those points include having a clean parking area, opening the front door, entering the office, greetings, requesting and receiving drinks, transiting them to and from the conference room. You will manage each step of their arrival and departure to ensure they have an exceptional experience. You will ensure that all Receptionist responsibilities are completed accurately and delivered with high quality and in a timely manner.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serve visitors by greeting them by name, welcoming them to the firm, directing them where to sit, and appropriately announcing their arrival.
  • Offer visitors our drink menu. Prepare and deliver their beverage of choice. If they decline beverages, bring them an unopened bottle of water and an empty glass.
  • Print and post conference room reservation sign: include “Reserved for (visitor’s first and last name).”
  • Transition visitors from the reception area to the conference room or other meeting room, such as an attorney’s office.
  • Assist visitors exiting the office by making sure they have an appointment return date, all of their questions answered, and hand them another copy of our book (“for a friend”).
  • Keep the break room, front reception area and conference room “Disneyland clean.” All magazines must be current. Everything older than one month must be discarded.
  • Monitor climate control of the reception area and conference room. It should be 72 degrees.
  • Keep food and drink supplies stocked. Reorder them as necessary to ensure client drink orders filled.
  • Keep all dishes, cups, utensils and hardware clean, and the sink smelling clean and fresh.
  • Remove stinky food or drinks from refrigerator.
  • Empty stinky office trash into outside dumpster.
  • Maintain a security log of everyone who comes in and out of the office.
  • Read client notes and build bonds with every client visitor. Make them feel at home.

Job Requirements

Receptionists must always present a business formal professional appearance, have a servant’s heart, possess effective verbal communication skills, be resourceful and proactive in dealing with the many issues that may arise, and also have the ability to organize and multitask while working under pressure.

Do what you do so well that people can’t help telling others about you.

This Make-You-Happy Job Description ensures that all Receptionists meet or exceed client expectations. They must perform as directed in this description unless they find doing so no longer meets or exceeds client expectations. If that happens, they must take care of the client’s needs first. Then, write a proposal for improving this MJD and deliver it to the Marketing Director.

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