If you have been appointed to administer a loved one’s estate and a beneficiary files a will contest, you should contact us immediately for help. There are many reasons the family members or other loved one’s of the deceased might end up contesting the validity of the will:

The Will is Defective

There are specific requirements dictated by state law that makes a will a legal document. If the document is not drafted or executed correctly, it may contain errors.

The Will is a Fraud

In some cases, a will may be suspected to have been created and signed as a forgery. Another case may be that the will-maker signed their will due to undue influence.

The Will is Revoked

Some individuals establish more than one will in their lifetime. If that is the case, it is possible that a will is contested on the grounds that it has previously been revoked.

The Deceased did not Have Mental Capacity

If it is believed that the will-maker signed their estate planning documents without being of sound mind, the beneficiaries may seek to invalidate the will. To do this, they might utilize help from doctors who have medical records and could speak to the mental condition of the deceased when they were still alive.

These reasons for contesting a will all provide the interested parties grounds for challenging the validity of the will. If a will contest has been filed, it is important that you contact us immediately for help.

Cost of Hiring an Attorney to Defend a Will Contest

We understand you are concerned about what it will cost to defend a will contest, but we can actually help with reducing the overall costs while protecting the interests of the estate and its beneficiaries.

There is no formula for determining how much a case will cost. Each case is unique and in the context of a will contest there are numerous factors that impact the overall cost of defending a will contest, including:

  • The size of the estate
  • The validity of the claim
  • The existence of complicating factors to the will contest claim
  • The amount of time required by your attorney
  • Added expenses, such as the costs of any expert witnesses
  • The amount of any court fees

We can review the case and provide you with an estimate of what we believe it will cost. However, it is necessary to protect the assets of the estate.

Attorneys Experienced in Defending Will Contests

At The Legacy Lawyers, we believe in providing effective communication at every stage of a legal matter. We use technology in the delivery of our legal services, which enables us to serve you in an affordable manner. By hiring seasoned probate litigators, you will safeguard estate assets and you will save money by keeping the expenses under control and ensuring that the case is handled effectively and efficiently.

By emphasizing effective communication, we minimize costs without compromising our clients’ rights. To schedule an appointment, call our law firm at (800) 840-1998. At The Legacy Lawyers we are dedicated to your peace of mind.