For the most part, a will is put through the probate process without any issues. But, if you’re thinking about contesting a will, you should first consider the following items and consult with a probate attorney. 1. See if There is a No Contest Clause – This provision will disinherit beneficiaries if they attempt to challenge a Will. Make sure you check on this item first and determine if contesting the will is worth the risk. 2. Do You Have Standing to Challenge the Will – Those who are specifically named in the will, were named in a previous will or those who would have received a share of the estate under intestacy laws are the only people who can challenge a will. Intestacy laws determine how an estate is divided when someone dies without a will. 3. Do You Have a Valid Legal Reason for Contesting the Will – Some valid legal reasons include lack of capacity, duress, fraud and undue influence. A will can be voided if it was made under undue influence, fraud or mistake. Moral of the story: Make sure you have all of the facts and speak with a probate attorney prior to contesting a will. For more information visit us at: If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact us at 714-963-7543. Know someone who will find this useful? Share it with your family & friends!