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“Susan Taylor, Long View, WA

David is a fabulous attorney, he got me through a rough time.

“Dr. Mark Fredrick, Huntington Beach, CA

Their office practices with great integrity and professionalism. I am happy with the service.

“James Britton, Long Beach, CA

I feel really comfortable with The Legacy Lawyers. They have been really informative and always let me know what is going on with my case.

“Clifford Davis, Queen Creek, AZ

The Legacy Lawyers have been very good to us. They took our case and expedited it to the best of their abilities. With all truthfulness, it’s been great. The staff and attorneys have shown great rapport in the service that they have provided.

“Aida Pazos, St. Augustine, FL

The Legacy Lawyers were very effective in dealing with the opposing party and very professional. They stepped in and right away were able to help.

“Tersea S., Long Beach, CA

Just a note to thank you from my heart for helping through such a trying time in my life. You are truly a wonderfuly person and hold a special place in my heart :).

“Randal Davis, Huntington Beach, CA

The staff of the Legacy Lawyers has been very responsive to my needs in my legal process. This is my second time using the Legacy Lawyers.

“Roger Farnham, Hemet, CA

I have been treated in a professional manner.  My questions have been answered quickly and I feel things are moving along nicely.

“Steve Pruett, Grand Junction, CO

There was a trust issue in my family. The person took me completely off the trust. Within a couple of weeks I was back on the trust as 50 percent owner, like it was suppose to be in the beginning. The Legacy Lawyers are very good at what they do, they know a lot, and have a ton of resources available to them. Id recommend these people to anyone with family trust issues. They are also very nice. Thank you for your help Legacy Lawyers, youve really made a difference in my life.

“Diane Uhrich, Wenatchee, WA

Your “21 Secrets for Cutting Legal Fees in Half” audio CD has given me a better understanding of the legal process. It really helped me understand the process of working with my attorney and also what my attorney goes through. I especially liked your comment about respecting the legal process–don’t slow it down and don’t try to push your attorney.

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