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South Orange County Probate Cases Are Handled Through The Probate Court In Santa Ana.

Probate must be opened in Orange County California if you answer "yes" to these questions:

  1. Did the decedent have a house or combined gross assets valued at $150,000 or more?
  2. Did the decedent live in Orange County, California at the time of death?

Successful Executors Do These Four Things Well:

First. They open probate quickly. They lodge the will, file a petition seeking appointment as Executor, and give all interested parties proper notice of the pending probate administration.

Second. They follow a systimatic approach through each step of the process--from one phase to another other without unnecessary pauses or delays until the estate is closed.

Third. They keep a penny-accurate accounting of all estate income, expenes, assets and liabilities.

Four. They keep a log of all their estate related activities, including the dates, descriptions, and the length of time to complete each task.

Savvy Executors Delegate Work While Avoiding Personal Liability.

Executors are personally liable for any mistakes they make during the probate process. You can protect yourself by shifting those risks to your attorney. California laws permit you to hire a probate attorney at the estate's expense. Attorneys not only assume most of the risks, they are paid from the estate at the close of probate. Let your attorney do the work and bear the liability risks.

"The Legacy Lawyer's Probate System Was Created Using Best Practices Learned In Orange County Probate Courts Over The Last 20 Years. We Know How To Get Great Results."

Our Laguna Hills Attorneys will work with Orange County Court Judges to open and close your probate case as fast as possible. They not only know what it takes to get it done, but will assume the burdens of probate technicalities to reduce your stress.

They will seek your appointment as executor by preparing a petition with information designed to speed up the probate process, reduce inconviences, and maximize your benefits. They will file the petiton, publish notice in the newspaper and serve notices on all interested parties. They will also clear up any probate court matters that may arise before your appointment.

Once appointed, you'll receive letters of administration. You'll have authority to act on behalf of the decedent. Our attorneys will guide you through the process, and assume the heavy lifting, such as attending court hearings on your behalf, resolving procedural issues, working with the probate referee assigned to your case and providing the court's probate attorney and staff with useful information in a timely manner.

They will evaluate and recommend rejecting or accepting creditor claims.They will obtain asset appraisals, properly complete and file necessary forms and reports, prepare accountings, and prepare and file the final report and account. This will close probate by obtaining distribution receipts and terminating probate bond.

Our attorneys use strategies designed to reduce the probate process time, to minimize estate liability and income taxes, and to maximize executor benefits while minimizing all exposure to personal liability.

And if we run into problems with aggressive heirs or fraudulent claims, don't worry. Attorneys at The Legacy Lawyers have an excellent reputation for solving complex high conflict probate issues. We attack matters head-on, in a well orchastrated and cost effective manner. Getting started is easy. Just call us.

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