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Do You Need To Establish A Guardianship Over A Child?

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If you have to make important decisions, or collect money, for a child but can't because of legal red tape...

Maybe It's Time For A Guardianship.

Guardianship Scope: You can seek a guardianship of a child or, if the child is due to receive money, a guardianship over the child's estate, or both.

Guardianship of the Child: This gives you power to make decisions concerning the child's residence, education, medical care, friends, faith formation, and all other decisions typically made by a biological parent.

Guardianship of the Child's Estate: This gives you power to manage the child's assets. This is typically required when a child is the beneficiary of an inheritance, life insurance proceeds, or money judgement following a law suit.

Contested Guardianships: Contested guardianships can be tricky. To be successful, we create and execute custom strategies for clients involved in high conflict guardianship matters.

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