Time Limits for Pursuing Trust LitigationIf you are the beneficiary of a trust and are considering taking action against a trustee who is not doing their job, it is crucial that you take action as soon as possible. In California, there is a statute of limitation for a claim of breach of fiduciary duty, however, the real issue is that once the money is gone, it is very difficult to recover. So it is best to take immediate action when you suspect something is wrong. Don’t wait because you think time is on your side. If you are concerned that you are outside the statute of limitations period, we may still be able to help. To set your appointment right away, please call The Legacy Lawyers at: (714) 963-7543. You will not get the “typical law firm” feel from our office. We are different. Our systems are designed to save you time, to save you money, and to put you in control. At The Legacy Lawyers we are dedicated to your peace of mind.