If you suspect that the trustee of a trust that you are involved in is guilty of wrongdoing – whether it is due to negligence or intentional acts – don’t delay in taking action. The more time that passes, the more your inheritance can be put into jeopardy. In California, there are several options that are available to you. For example:

  • You can request that all trust accounts be blocked or frozen. In other words, the trustee will not have access to trust funds without obtaining prior court approval. You must be prepared to provide the court with compelling evidence to support the need for this action.
  • You can request that the trustee be suspended, either temporarily or permanently. The court can appoint a neutral third-party to act as the trustee until the issues have been resolved by trial.
  • You can request that the trustee be bonded. Having a bond in place can protect you in the event that trust assets are harmed by the trustee’s action or inaction. The trustee will continue to have access to the trust accounts and property, but the bonding company will pay for damages caused by any wrongful conduct of the trustee. You must generally prove the trustee breached their fiduciary duty before the court will order the bonding company to pay damages.

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