Having co-trustees appointed to administer a trust in California has its pros and cons. One of the primary disadvantages for beneficiaries occurs when the co-trustees cannot get along or agree on important matters. If you are facing this situation, it is important to understand that we can help you seek court intervention and remove one or both of the trustees. Seeking removal of trustees can be a complicated matter that requires the assistance of an experienced probate litigation attorney. It is imperative that you act quickly when co-trustees refuse to cooperate, because harm can result to the trust and its beneficiaries, such as:

  • If the co-trustees are not on the same page about managing the trust, it can result in the assets being mismanaged or neglected entirely
  • Beneficiaries are unlikely to receive their inheritance in a timely matter
  • The trust accounting may be delayed or inaccurate when the co-trustees fail to work together
  • Beneficiaries will not receive communication regarding what is going on with the trust administration
  • Trust assets may be wasted if the trust is not effectively and efficiently administered

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