Here at The Legacy Lawyers we try to make #FitnessFriday fun! So let’s ditch the boring and mundane work out and try something new, something exciting, something like dancing! If you’re interested in taking a dance class (especially for all the beginners!) try out “Dance All You Can” located in Fountain Valley. They have a Friday Night Special where every Friday from 7pm to 7:45pm there is a beginner friendly group class followed by an open dance from 7:45pm to 9pm. The whole night is only $15 per person! Plus, studies have shown that dancing has health benefits for both your mind and body. For the mind, when you learn dance steps you are using more brain power to remember the steps. For the body, dancing helps you strengthen your muscles as well as weight loss. Even better – people of all ages can dance, unlike other forms of exercise. For more information on “Dance All You Can” visit them at: or call them at 714-968-8810. For more information visit us at: If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact us at 714-963-7543. Know someone who will find this useful? Share it!