Hypothetical Situation: Before your Mom passed away she had handwritten her will on a piece of paper that she kept in her safe. She told you about the will but never went into detail about who was getting her property and various assets. After she passed, you read her will which left you all of her property and assets. She did not leave anything to your older brother. Once he found out about the will, he hired an attorney and contested the will because he felt he should have received some of his mother’s property. Let’s Discuss: After you consult with your will contest defense attorney, you can begin helping them by: 1. Keeping a journal that details everything said between all involved. 2. Gathering paperwork for assets, deeds, etc. 3. Taking all medication and document type/quantity taken. 4. Writing down all contact information for family, friends, doctors/therapists, and anyone involved. Moral of the story: Gathering all items immediately might help the process move along more smoothly and possibly keep down the costs for your lawyer. For more information visit us at: https://www.thelegacylawyers.com/ If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact us at 714-963-7543. Know someone who will find this useful? Share it with your family & friends!