Did you know there are different types of lawyers practicing probate law? Finding the right probate lawyer for your needs can make a big difference in the quality of service you will receive. The most common type of probate attorney is an estate planning lawyer. They are primarily skilled at evaluating your assets and personal needs, and drafting wills, trusts, power of attorney forms and various other estate planning documents. Probate litigators are skilled at evaluating factual and legal issues, developing creditable evidence and introducing that evidence during trial in a persuasive manner. They are used during will contests, trust contests, conservatorship disputes, accounting disputes, elder abuse cases and all other matters subject to trial court adjudication. Both types of lawyers typically handle appointment and administration matters. They can help you get appointed as a conservator, or as administrator or executor of an estate, or help trustees administer trusts. Fortunately the Legacy Lawyers practice estate planning, administration and litigation. We are your one stop full service probate attorney firm. If you are interested in attorneys who can do things like prepare an estate plan, offer a will to probate or remove renegade trustees, we can help. Call us today to schedule your no-cost consultation: (714) 963-7543. At The Legacy Lawyers we are dedicated to your peace of mind.