Have you ever wondered: What happens to your will if you create it in California but then move to another state and die? In most cases your will goes through the probate process in the state court of your domicile; that is, the place the deceased treated as their permanent home. You might have created the will in California but then moved to Florida for 40 years and raised your family there. Therefore, Florida would be your domicile. But, if you created the will in California but then lived in Florida for two months and planned on returning to California after the winter, then California would be your domicile. Either way, it is always best to consult with attorney to see which state court will handle your will during the probate process.  For more information visit us at: https://www.thelegacylawyers.com/ If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact us at 714-963-7543. Know someone who will find this useful? Click the Share button below!