We have all heard that probate can be a time consuming process. While this is true in many cases, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Many probate matters get bogged down because the administrator of the estate doesn’t know what needs to be done next or how to keep things moving along. When you work with The Legacy Lawyers, we strive to handle your probate matter as effectively and efficiently as possible. Below are three ways we can help ensure that your probate case doesn’t get bogged down:

  • Open the probate quickly. According to California law, wills should be filed with the court within 30 days of the decedent’s death. We get to work as soon as you contact us. The longer you wait to get the probate case started, the more likely issues are to arise, which will cause delays in the case. Also, the longer you wait to initiate the probate action, the less likely you are to be approved to serve as the personal representative or executor.
  • Give proper notice. The administrator of an estate is required to provide beneficiaries and interested parties, including creditors of the estate, notice of the probate action. Failure to provide proper notice to a required party can cause significant delays in the probate process, so we help ensure this is done quickly and properly.
  • Accounting records. It is imperative that you maintain accurate and thorough financial records. This evidence is important to support your final accounting, but also to protect you from allegations of wrongdoing or mismanagement. We can help you make sure you have proper documentation supporting all of your actions during the probate case.

If you have questions regarding estate administration, contact us for help. A personal representative is responsible for completing several tasks, and there is little room for error. Don’t despair, however. We have helped hundreds of people in your situation. Just call to schedule your no-cost consultation: (714) 963-7543. We can minimize your stress, reduce exposure to personal liability and guide you through an orderly process.