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Sean Buck

Sean Buck

Ever since participating in mock trials during law school, Sean knew he wanted to be a litigator and immediately set his sights on winning battles for others. This passion further ignited while working as a law clerk for both the homicide department of the Maricopa County District Attorney’s Office and assisting defense attorneys at the Orange County Alternate Defender’s Office. The exposure and insights he gained from these positions made him realize everyone deserves an inspired legal advocate on their side regardless of where they happen to sit in a courtroom.

Before joining The Legacy Lawyers, Sean spent several years litigating a variety of civil matters including personal injury, employment, and landlord/tenant issue disputes. His work on these and many other cases ranged from pre-litigation resolutions to multiple trials, and included every stage in between. Along with working in key roles at other law firms, Sean eventually opened and ran his own practice for five years advocating for clients in both civil and criminal cases.

In addition to his experience involving a wide range of legal matters, Sean also takes pride in having represented clients on both sides of the coin throughout his career. He has long stood by the notion that a good attorney must know what it takes to succeed in the role of the opposing party in order to represent someone effectively. The invaluable experience he has gained from fighting on each side is now reflected in his work at The Legacy Lawyers where he continues to litigate cases for both petitioners and respondents.

When he’s not busy working on cases, Sean enjoys spending time with his family and going to concerts and sporting events…as long as his dog Dolly doesn’t have a say in it (which she usually does).

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