If you want to avoid family disputes after you are gone, consider using a caregiver contract. This is an agreement that you enter into with a relative that has agreed to take on significant family caregiver duties. In return, you “reward” that person by leaving an additional inheritance to them. By having a contract in place, it can help avoid disputes over the unequal inheritances to the beneficiaries. A caregiver (who often has their own family to care for) must make many adjustments to their professional and personal life in order to provide the necessary care, and it is reasonable for the person receiving the care to acknowledge the sacrifice via an extra inheritance. If you are uneasy about leaving unequal inheritances to your beneficiaries, the contract can provide a modest salary to be paid to the caregiver. If everyone in the family is aware of the arrangement and your intentions upfront, it can be an effective tool for preventing battles between your loved ones over your estate. Our attorneys have handled a wide array of elder law issues. We are here to help you, and will walk you through the process from beginning to end. Schedule your no-cost consultation at The Legacy Lawyers now by calling (714) 963-7543. At The Legacy Lawyers we are dedicated to your peace of mind.