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The Legacy Lawyers

Orange County Probate Attorneys

Founded in Orange County, California on December 18, 1998, The Legacy Lawyers bring peace of mind to people involved in probate, trust and conservatorship matters. Our attorneys practice throughout southern California, especially in probate courts for the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino.

We navigate through all cases using a process emphasizing the following five principles:

1. Maximize case value: Every case we accept has value depending on your goals. Sometimes it is based on an expected monetary gain in relation to costs. It may also involve simplifying your duties as administerator, trustee or conservator, or crafting probate court orders or settlement agreements to maximize your benefit.

2. Save money: We keep costs down by working with you to manage our services. None of the other Orange County probate and trust attorneys show their clients the secrets to saving money. We do. In fact, here is a free audio download of, 21 Secrets to Cutting Your Legal Fees in Half.

3. Save time: Resolving simple probate, trust and conservatorship issues with speed and accuracy helps us stay focused on the big picture. We won't waste time arguing over the application of basic probate rules, procedures and technicalities just because we can. That increases fees without improving your bottom line. Instead, resources are allocated to activities directed to achieving final results.

4. Empower you to become part of the solution: Building a relationship with you is essential to our success as your probate attorneys. It improves confidence and trust. Having a strong front also creates opportunities for more favorable results.

5. Promote informed decisions: We encourage ongoing dialogue so you can make good decisions about your case. Urgent telephone calls are immediately taken. Even non-emergency contacts are quickly returned.

Don't lose any more time, money or sleep
over your probate, trust or conservatorship case. 

If your benefactor’s wealth, home, or business is susceptible to scams, we can help with that too. Our probate attorneys can stop cons, and protect your inheritance.

Complete the "CONTACT US" form on the upper right side of this page and one of our Orange County probate attorneys will respond. If you are ready to talk to an attorney right now, call: (714) 963-7543.

Download Our FREE Book, "STEALING HOME - A Con's Guide to
Inheritance Theft"
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How We Can Help

  • You're the Trustee of your parents' trust and need guidance: Fulfilling the role of successor trustee can be overwhelming. You immediately assume certain duties and responsibilities, but don't know what they are or how to carry them out. One of our probate attorneys can help you understand your duties and responsibilities, and show you how to serve your loved one's legacy competently while limiting your exposure to personal liability.
  • You want to remove a Trustee, but don't know how: Trustees that refuse to act in the best interest of trust beneficiaries should be removed without delay. Renegade trustees not only waste trust resources, they ignore the decedent’s last wishes. Removing them is usually the best way to protect the current trust and to recover stolen assets - but you must act quickly because stolen assets are hard to recover.
  • You need help setting up a conservatorship: Loved ones that lose the ability to provide for their own care, may benefit from conservatorships. Probate Judges decide if proposed conservatees need conservators to manage their personal care and finances. Our probate attorneys can help get you appointed or block unnecessary appointments.
  • You are dealing with a case of estate fraud: Is an executor using probate assets for their own self-interest? Fraud like this may involve the theft of a large sum of money, or in smaller increments over a period of time. If you believe that an executor has mishandled probate or trust property, investments or other assets, hire the Orange County Probate Attorney who wrote the book on inheritance theft.
  • You want to contest a suspicious trust: If you have probable cause to believe that the signature on your benefactor's trust is a forgery, let our attorneys evaluate the benefits of challenging its validity. A trust procured by duress or undue influence, or signed when your benefactor lacked the mental capacity to understand its contents or effect may also be contested. Act fast.
  • You need to protect a minor with a guardianship: Our seasoned attorneys can help with that too. Our experiences range from simple uncontested appointments of guardians to complex international guardianship battles between family members.
  • You need help with a suspected case of elder abuse: Relatives are usually at a loss when it comes to preventing or stopping elder abuse. Our attorneys can help you stop elder neglect, physical, emotional or financial abuse, and hold the guilty party accountable.

Lastly, if your will, trust or conservatorship matter is being mishandled by another probate attorney and now in a complicated situation that keeps getting worse - contact us immediately. We have a reputation for creatively solving complex problems. With our in-depth knowledge of the law and aggressive litigation style, we embrace complex cases and welcome the opportunity to solve problems with skills that can save you money and restore your peace of mind.

Peace of mind in 90 days- that's our $250 guarantee!


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  • When it's time to hire an attorney, please don't wait. Delay rarely works in your favor. At least talk to us about your case. We can help reduce your stress and return your peace of mind.  


  • Our will, trust, conservatorship and guardianship systems are efficient. They have been fine tuned over the years so you will gain the benefit of our best practices. We will carefully walk you through every step. You will never be left wondering what to do next. Get started now by setting an appointment to talk with one of our attorneys. Call (714) 963-7543.